About Us

SIN is by sex workers for sex workers and offers peer support, education, information, advocacy and referral services for sex workers.

SIN has a safer sex shop at Mile End, where you can get information and advice, as well as all your safer sex needs. We have a huge range of condoms, lube, dams and other products at GREAT prices! The shop is open to the public.

We also have a needle and syringe program (CNP) on premises and can assist those who inject drugs with peer support and free injecting equipment, as well as a disposal service for used equipment.

All SINs services are available to sex workers via outreach, or you are welcome to visit our sex worker safe community space on South Rd.

SIN also provides information, education and representation on behalf of sex workers in SA to the general public, media, government, educational institutions and students and a whole range of community groups.

You can download the SIN Pamphlet here.