SIN Newsletter April 2017

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Ugly Mugs Network

SIN is launching a new and improved method of circulating Ugly Mugs updates. Please contact us by emailing for more information and/or to register for this service.

Decrim in the Media - SAPOL

So according to the Licence Enforcement Branch (LEB) of SAPOL, the decriminalisation of sex work "will prevent sex workers building a relationship with the police" - I swear I waste my breath each and every time I talk to these people about how CRIMINALISING SEX WORK PREVENTS SEX WORKERS EVEN APPROACHING THE POLICE! The only relationship sex workers have with the police at the moment, is a terrible one. DECRIMINALISE SEX WORK NOW! SJx

See the ABC atricle.

Online Skill Shares and Meet Ups

Do you spend time online? Don’t live in Adelaide or the metro area? Not able to attend SIN’s skill-shares? Prefer or require complete anonymity? Sex workers have information to share, but we don’t always have the time, or the space, to meet. And some of us can’t be ‘out’, and aren’t comfortable meeting in-person. SIN is considering developing and trialling online skill-shares and meet-ups. These will be scheduled ‘meetings’ where you can connect with other sex workers from the privacy, and safety, of your own phone, device or computer.

Is this something that would interest you? Is this something you would like to attend? Let us know, so that we can better plan these events. Of course, we will still be holding and facilitating in person skill-shares! Send us a text, email us on, or leave a comment below (if on social media).

Position Available

We have a new short term position available here at SIN. We are looking for an additional CALD worker who speaks Cantonese and/or Mandarin. Head over to Scarlet Alliance's Vacancies page for more information and or download the application kit here.

SIN Media Release - International Whores Day 2016

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