Whore Tea

(Previously Ho Down, Program Committee)

As many of you will know, SIN previously had a Program Committee (PC), which was always made up of past and present sex workers who met once a month (usually the 1st Wednesday of the month at 5.30pm) to provide input into SIN and its activities.

Now a new era is apon us. SIN, having acheived incorporation in 2017, became fully independent as of July 2019 and with many members of our amazing sex worker community having committed volunteer hours to make that happen. These volunteers, who previously worked as the Governance And Autonomy Group (GAAG) became the acting SIN Board. We now have an elected SIN Board, chosen at the SIN Annual General Meeting.

Bearing this in mind we have revamped PC into a more social, and less formal affair, which was first named Ho Down. We are always happy to take suggestions for themes. What would you like to do during our monthly catch ups? Skill shares? Dinners? Movies? Let's meet up and discuss the new and improved 'Ho Down'.

While the event is listed as an open event (meaning guests can invite other guests), please be aware that only past or present sex workers are invited to these meetings.

Days and times vary, but the event is usually held in the first week of the month. We encourage all community members to come and socialise.

Check out the SIN facebook page for upcoming 'Whore Tea' events or contact the SIN office to find out more.